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Ultrasound Examination of head and neck

Endoscopic examination of the larynx

Diagnostic Tests For Dizziness (Nystagmography)

Newborn Infant Hearing Screening (AABR)

Ambulatory sleep screening (Snoring and Sleep apnea)


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ENT-Practice, Dr. Reich Bonn

Our competent service for your health

Dear patients, dear parents, dear children and colleagues,

welcome to our website. On the following pages we like to introduce our practice and give you an overview of our medical services. If you have any questions do not hesitate and contact using the form you will find under “contact”.

Dr. med. Oliver Reich

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and by appointment

The working structure of our services follows the guidelines of quality management of “Gemeinsamer Bundesausschuss”

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Medical servicesTherapies:

Conservative therapies:

and all other ENT specific treatments for head and neck diseases.

Surgical therapies:

Furthermore we offer ambulatory and inpatient surgeries for children in the St. Marienhospital Bonn. We perfom the following operations:


Practical information

The practice is located in Bonn City centre near the main station. For further details see map of the area. Appointments can be made by contacting

Phone: + 49 (0) 228 632763.
Fax: + 49 (0) 228 632338



For the outpatient examination and treatment a valid referral form for the current quarter issued by your physician specifically for the ENT practice is needed.

Children`s surgery :

All necessary details about surgical procedures, admission to hospital and preparation for the surgical treatment of children will be explained to you in our practice. During the stay in hospital your child will be taken care of by the well-experienced pediatric team of the St. Marienhospital, Bonn.

Surgeries will be performed on Mondays and Thursdays each week. The children should attend the Pediatric outpatient Area of the St. Marienhospital between 10:00 am to 1:00 pm one day before admission for the preoperative examination. Afterwards they are allowed to stay at home over night and should come to the “Martin II” ward the next day. Please make sure that your child does not take any food or drinks after 10:00 pm the day before surgery for anesthesiological reasons.

One adult is allowed to stay with the child during time of inpatient treatment.

In case of any questions or changes in admission dates from your side please contact us by phone (0049 228 – 632763).

St. Marienhospital Bonn


During consultation ENT-Emergencies will be treated in our practice.

Emergency cases should contact the following numbers:

outside the normal consultation hours.

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